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Every student seeking admission must first be introduced in person to the correspondent by the Parent or Guardian. They should produce the Birth Certificate and Community certificate.

Pupils coming from other schools should present their Transfer certificate, Marks statement and conduct certificate from the institution last attended. All the details will be provided by the office on enquiry.


Weekly, monthly, mid-term and terminal exams are conducted regularly to assess the children's academic standard. The performance in the quarterly, half-yearly and the annual examinations will be considered for promotion to the next class.


Parents are always welcome to discuss with the class teacher their child's progress every Friday at 3 30pm. Parents are expected to attend the "Progress days" after every exam without fail.


The school must be informed by letter of the reason of absence from school. For being absent for more than one day, Medical Certificate should be produced along with the leave letter.

After 30 days of being absent from the school with out informing the school, it will be considered as "Discontinued" from the class.

The school believes that irregular attendance is one of the reasons for the set back in academic progress.


A student who wishes to withdraw should apply for a Transfer Certificate which will be issued only if the fees and all other dues have been paid in full.

If a parent decides to withdraw a student from the school, due notice is expected from them.

The school reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw a child for poor academic progress or on grounds of misconduct or indiscipline.


It is our experience that problems can be usually solved through discussion and we are always available to meet you.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child's progress or if your child seems to be unhappy please discuss the situation with your child's teacher in the first instance.

If you are still not satisfied, you can feel free to contact the Vice Principal or the Principal or the Correspondent .


Children will not be allowed to go home for lunch, food must be provided only in the school campus.

The parents are also not allowed to take their children out for any reason during school hours.

Parents of LKG students are allowed to bring lunch and feed their children in the school campus.

The School is under the Management of Wadi-e-Hikmath (Valley of Knowledge) Educational Trust. It is a registered non-profit and charitable Trust with 12 AA and 80 G registration from the Income Tax Department. The School is named after Janab Be Hyder , businessman and philanthropist native of Bangalore settled in this area in the year 1875. Read More

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